Projets recherche

The research projects, Mines Saint-Étienne, were completed, 2022-2023 edition.

Three achievements are consistent with research investigations: Posters, Articles (formal reports) and pitches (3-5 mins) to promote (optional that year).

We are delivering 3 selected pitches through the pitches received. Sometimes research agencies, sponsors, organize some pitch competitions to select the best project. It may be useful along your career pathway.

Granulometric Analysis of Maltodextrin Particles Observed by Scanning Electron Microscopy
Antoine Bottenmuller
Antoine investigated particle size distribution through segmentation methods (circular Hough Transform, etc.). The grains of any powder may be agglomerated. Curvature analysis method may allow to discriminate every grain. Curvature analysis method is the best method in order to access to particle size distribution.