Research activities

The objectives set by the department are aimed at the development of technological bricks adapted to the realization of electronic components that are both complex, flexible or stretchable. In particular, optimization of the physicochemical and mechanical parameters that govern their implementation, as well as the realization of models and test procedures aiming to guarantee their functioning and their lifetime are the main themes of the development of the department.

In order to prepare the electronics of the future, our activities include 3 main axes of fundamental research that are combined towards various applications.

  • Let’s start by the applications:

We are developing processes and know-how in order to manufacture electronic objects onto flexible and stretchable substrates while keeping a high level of performance, integration, functionality and reliability. Below are some examples of devices and applications:

  • Flexible and stretchable μ-batteries

SEM image of all solid state microbattery

  • Smart interfaces (Smart Tags, Touchpad RF, …)
  • RFID tag on paper

  • Bio-robotic (e-skin) and smart textile based on stretchable electronic



Stretchable artificial retina

  • Organic Printed Electronics

Wearables/ Organic bioelectronics

a) EMG setup, b) skin-MEAs (all IJP), c) neuromuscular cartography (EMG signals)

Ultraflexible organic transistors & CMOS circuits

Ultraflexible OTFTs & Inkjet Printed OTFTs

high resolution patterning (soft lithography & imprint)

Patterned PEDOT:PSS by soft lithography


==> Achieving these flexible / stretchable demonstrators requires early stage and fundamental research activities. As a matter of fact, we are studying 3 main building blocks: Manufacture / deposition of nano-materials for solution process; Combined electrical / mechanical properties of metallic interconnections and individual component under stretch and flexion; Optimization of microbatteries.

1. Nano Materials:

  • Ink fabrication
  • Deposition / patterning
  • Characterization


2. Stretchable / conformable electronics

  • Various substrates
  • Printing electronics
  • Packaging IC
  • Hybrid electronics


Stretchable Organic Electrochemical Transistor:


3. µ-batteries

  • Solid state batteries
  • Flexible micro-batteries
  • Energy harvesting (thermo and triboelectricity)