6 Fields of excellence

Building on its traditional areas of excellence, MINES Saint-Étienne has structured its research into six major areas to meet current societal and industrial concerns:

  • Energy and Processes (nuclear , gas – oil , hydrogen technology , wood gasification);
  • Optimized Materials for aerospace, automotive , nuclear (Carbon Light Energies);
  • Industrial Engineering (Information Systems , logistics, IT);
  • Environment (Environmental Management , Sustainable Development);
  • Microelectronics (flexible substrates , packaging, secure communicating solutions);
  • Health (Biomechanics and Biomaterials, imaging, hospital management).

The scientific investigative approach MINES Saint -Etienne is interdisciplinary and has its roots in historical areas such as materials, processes, energy, information technology and industrial engineering. This interdisciplinary specifically implemented through three flagship projects (materials, design and industrial design, sustainable industrialization territories; biomechanical tissue).

The links between fundamental research and research partnerships are assets which foster innovation.