Powder Science and Technology (PMMG)


Éric Serris
Phone : +33 4 77 42 02 90

Areas of expertise 

Powder technology: our goal is to bridge macroscopic features such as flowability, reaction extent, … with the properties of individual particles (size, shape, chemical composition, …) and the suspending medium (flow regime, temperature, pressure, composition, …). This approach is applied to powders and grains in a gas as well as to concentrated pastes such as cement and concrete. More info HERE.

Image analysis: images are useful for characterizing materials or processes, especially when dealing with dispersed media such as grains, bubbles, droplets or pores. In our group, we develop methods and tools to process, analyze and model images of dispersed media. The image processing simplifies the raw image to identify the objects of interest by filtering, thresholding, … The image analysis performs morphological measurements on these objects (shape, size, dispersion, …). The geometrical modeling aims at generating synthesis images (numerical twins) that share the same statistical properties as the original ones and, by comparison and iteration, extract robust information on the shape and size for instance. More info HERE.


The PMMG department uses the ressources of the centre SPIN described in details HERE : characterization tools, dedicated labs, technology transfer, models and softwares.


The PMMG department develops friendly and fruitful collaborations with numerous academic and industrial partners Some of them are listed HERE.


The PMMG department is composed of 9 professors or associate professors, 1 research engineer, 2 technicians and 1 secretary.

Olivier BONNEFOYEnseignant-chercheur, directeur adjoint du centre SPIN HAL
Eric SERRISResponsable du département PMMG (SPIN) HAL ResearchGate
Abdelouahid BENTAMOUpost doctorant
Carole BIGOURAUXSecrétaire
Johan DEBAYLEDirecteur Adjoint du Centre HAL ORCID ID ResearchGate Scopus Author ID Researcher ID Thèses en Ligne Thè
Guillaume DUMAZERMaitre Assistant de classe normale
Yann GAVETEnseignant-chercheur HAL ORCID ID Researcher ID
Alexandre GOVINEnseignant-chercheur HAL ResearchGate
Philippe GROSSEAUEnseignant-Chercheur HAL ResearchGate
Fatima LILLOUCHTechnicienne de laboratoire
Sylvain MARTINEnseignant Chercheur HAL ORCID ID ResearchGate Scopus Author ID Thè
Oussama MESSAIpost doctorant
Emilie MORELChargée de la coordination du Master Erasmus Mundus
Jean-charles PINOLIEnseignant - chercheur
Audrey SAMUELTechnicienne de laboratoire
Nour CHACHIAdoctorante
Prabowo DWI WAHYUdoctorant
Antonin HIPPOLYTEDoctorant
Quentin LEMAYDoctorant
Antoine LEROUXdoctorant
Anis OUCHENEdoctorant
Danah SHEHADEHdoctorant
Léo THEODONdoctorant

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