Hexcel Chair

for Advanced Numerical Modelling of Infusion-based Processing for New Generation Composite Structures

As a world leader in composite materials for aeronautics, Hexcel is funding a 2 M€ industrial chair at Mines Saint-Étienne, a long-time partner, for developing leading edge simulations capabilities for aircraft manufacturers. This Hexcel / Mines Saint-Étienne 2015-2020 tight partnership responds to an ever-growing demand from worldwide end-users for efficiently simulating, fast and cost-effective processing solutions accompanying the latest materials developments. Mines Saint-Étienne has developed unique simulation capabilities of liquid route processes, relying on firmly demonstrated original numerical methods able to grasp the complexity of the multi-scale and multi-physics involved.

Hexcel and Mines Saint-Étienne are firmly convinced that these resin infusion-based processes are challenging routes for the production of primary composite structures, suited for automated-added manufacturing, and perfect candidates to reach the 1% max void content targeted in ever increased production rates (60 aircrafts/month in 2020/25 for the next generation of single aisle aircraft).

Professor S. Drapier is the Hexcel Chair holder. He will supervise this 5 year-project and carry out the corresponding leading-edge research activities with his group.


Pr. Sylvain Drapier