Flexible Electronics Department (FEL)

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FEL 2021

FEL 2021

The objectives of the Flexible Electronics (FEL) Department are in the development of technological bricks required for the realization of electronic components that are complex, flexible and/or stretchable.

Manufacture of autonomous, ultra-thin, flexible and conformable devices have spread the research from nanomaterials, energy management to heterogeneous integration on flexible / stretchable substrates. We are very active in applications such as: smart interfaces (human-machine interface), IoT, smart sensing, biorobotics/mimetics.

Figure : Autonomous flexible smart sensors

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Department head

Prof. Thierry Djenizian
Tél. : 04 42 61 67 60
Centre de Microélectronique de Provence – campus Aix-Marseille-Provence
Département d’Électronique Flexible
880, avenue de Mimet- 13541 Gardanne