MINES Saint-Étienne


One of the missions of École des Mines de Saint-Étienne is scientific research at the highest level and contributions to companies’ competitiveness. It aims at conveying the economical politics of the country and speeding up the sustainable industrial development by innovation and efficient contributions.
This high level scientific research leads to publications recongnized  by the international scientific community. Research and teaching are very closely interwoven and the consequence of this is the attractiveness of our Master’s Degree courses and our renowned Doctoral School.

Research closely linked to companies

The research contracts signed with the industrial world are the first illustration of the relationship between the school and companies. Funding amounts to more than €6,5m per year. Companies also sponsor researchers and PhD students.

The 25 patents filed over the past 5 years is another illustration of Mines Saint-Étienne’s research being in line with economy.


Jean-Paul Viricelle
Vice President, Research
Phone: +33 04 77 42 02 52