MINES Saint-Étienne

About Us

Mission statement

Our mission is to support the economy by:

  • Educating highly qualified managers with strong technical and scientific skills;
  • Developing applied research to meet the needs of industry;
  • Contributing to companies’ innovation, creation & competitiveness worldwide.

Our academic standing is committed to excellence, to a wealth of subject fields, and we desire to offer each student a curriculum tailored to his or her goals and the realities of the economic world.

Partnerships are and always will be important to us. We welcome foreign students, who may enroll in all or part of our master degree programmes – some of which are partly or fully conducted in English. Courses in French as a foreign language are offered on a regular basis and can be individually tailored. Foreign students may also work on their master theses at the École des Mines, for which regional and national grants are available. Visiting professors are welcome too and our doors are always open to foreign PhD candidates or to co-supervision of doctoral theses.