Centre of Microelectronics in Provence

Exploring New Microelectronics Technology and Devices for Innovative Applications


Dominique Feillet

Research Fields

  • Pioneering Microelectronics for Applications in Flexible Electronics, Secure Hardware, Bioelectronics and Logistics
  • Designing, Prototyping and Secure Characterization of Circuits
  • Human Resources

105 persons

  • 22 researchers (incl. 8 HdR, 4 CCIMP), 5 CEA, 57 PhDs,11 technicians and administrative staff

Expertise, knowledge and skills

  • Optimization and operational research in Industrial Engineering
  • Hardware security (smartcard)
  • Inkjet Printing on Flexible Substrates for Connected Objects
  • Interfacing between Life Sciences and Organic Electronics
  • About 3.5 M€ Contract Research Revenue

Research units

  • LGF : UMR CNRS-EMSE 5703,
  • EC CEA-Tech
  • INSERM Marseille

Facilities and specific platform

  • CIMPACA-MicroPackS Platform: Partnership between Business and Academic World
  • Clean rooms, Security and Bioelectronics Labs

Scientific Departments

FED – Flexible Electronics Department

Contact: Thierry Djenizian,

  • Heterogeneous integration on flexible substrates.
  • Ductile sensors
  • Energy harvesting
  • Electronic skin

SFL – Manufacturing Sciences and Logistics

Contact: Nabil Absi,

  • Micro-electronics for manufacture and logistics
  • Planning and scheduling

SAS – Secure Architectures and Systems

Contact: Jean-Max

  • Applied research to guarantee the integrity of electronic components and of their contents (such as cryptographic keys, software modules, intellectual property cores, data in memories, etc.) against hardware attacks.

Common research team with the CEA Tech.

BEL – Bioelectronics

Contact: David Moreau,

  • Tools for the neurosciences
  • Biosensors for the diagnosis
  • Toxicology and detection of toxic products