Guillaume DUMAZER

  • Research Topics

    My current scientific motivations are focused on the flowing properties of multiphase complex flows in confined geometries, more specifically on the granular transport by viscous drag.
    Along my carreer I also developed curiosity and interests for :
    – anomalous transport properties in geophysical environments,
    – physical modelling of magmatic intrusions,
    – flow in deformable porous media,
    – gas/solid interactions in rarefied conditions,
    – reactive chemical wave fronts,
    – modelling of plaster setting.

  • Teaching Areas

    I am currently in charge of tutorials :
    – in mathematics for fluid mechanics at ESTP,
    – in thermodynamics at EMSE
    I am also preparing courses for the Fluid Mechanics Master at EMSE for the following Pedagogical Units :
    – Physics of Fluids
    – Multiscaling

  • Biography

    2019 : Maître assistant au centre SPIN de l’École des Mines de Saint-Étienne
    2014 – 2019 : Researcher in the Physics Institute at the University of Oslo (collab. E. Flekkøy, K. J. Måløy, L. Angheluta, O. Galland, F. Renard, B. Sandnes, B. Marks)
    2012 – 2014 : Postdoctoral Researcher in the Physics Institute at the University of Oslo (Prof. Eirik Flekkøy)
    2010 – 2012 : Postdoctoral Researcher in the Mechanical and Aerospace Department of the University of Strathclyde (Prof. Yonghao Zhang and Prof. Jason Reese)
    2007 – 2010 : Doctoral Researcher at the LPTMC of University Pierre and Marie Curie (Dir. Annie Lemarchand)

  • Education

    2006-2007 : M2 “Système Dynamique et Statistique de la Matière Condensée” UPMC
    2004-2006 : L3 et M1 “Science de la Matière” à l’ENS-LYON
    2002-2004 : Classes préparatoire du Lycée Berthollet à Annecy (74)