• Skills

    image processing, linux, augmented reality
    C/C++, python, matlab, OpenCL

  • Research Topics

    Modelisation and simulation of surfaces, mosaics and textures
    Voronoi diagrams are classically used to model mosaic patterns (like grains or cells). In the CorImMo 3D project (ANR TecSan 2012), the study of random fields allows us to randmly determine germs as well as distances to generate a spatial partition of the 2D or 3D space. The concepts and tools are based on:
    • random fields theory (covariance function, statistical moments including the skewness and kurtosis)
    • integral geometry (e.g., Minkowski functionals: area, perimeter and connectivity number for 2D fields; volume, surface area, mean breadth and connectivity number for 3D fields)
    • and mathematical morphology (e.g., openings and closures, skeletons, watersheds, granulometry).
    The corneal endothelium is constituted of non-regenerative cells. We have proposed:
    • Segmentation methods based on human visual properties (Gestalt and Marr theories)
    • Segmentation evaluation tool, called epsilon dissimilarity criterion, tolerant to visual and spatial variations
    • 3D Reconstruction method (shape from focus), applied to corneal endothelium.
    CoLIP: Color Logarithmic Image Processing
    The Color Logarithmic Image Processing (CoLIP) is a recently introduced (2011) extension of the LIP mathematical framework based on abstract linear mathematics which provides a set of specific algebraic and functional operations that can be applied to the processing of color images valued in a bounded range. The CoLIP approach has been proved to be psycho-physically consistent with several laws and characteristics of the human color perception.
    Successful applications have been reported on the white balance correction in color images.

  • Teaching Areas

    Introduction to C programming, Signal Processing (L3)
    Introduction to image processing (M1), advanced image processing (M2), High Performance Computing (openmp, openCL).
    Taught in French and/or English

  • Biography

    His research is at the crossroad of mathematics (for the scientific background), physics (for the image formation rules), computer engineering (for testing and constructing the practical solutions) and the application fields.

  • Education

    Engineer, 2001
    Master thesis in image processing, 2004
    PhD thesis in image processing, 2008
    Habilitation 2015

  • Career History

    Assistant Professor
    Leader of the CorImMo3D project (ANR 2012, 650 K€)

    4 months (2017) detachment in Thalès-Angénieux, Saint-Heand, France.
    formerly: IT developer for CNES (Space French Agency)

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