PHISIC Workshop

Every 18 months, the SAS depart­ment orga­nizes the PHISIC Workshop.

PHISIC work­shop aims at pro­vi­ding an envi­ron­ment for exchange among aca­de­mic and indus­trial experts of the embed­ded secu­ri­ty field. More pre­ci­se­ly, we expect to :

  • contri­bute and share ideas on the latest trends in terms of aca­de­mic research, col­la­bo­ra­tive pro­jects and indus­trial challenges
  • iden­ti­fy future secu­ri­ty trends
  • exchange on advan­ced prac­tices in phy­si­cal attacks (fault injec­tion and side chan­nel ana­ly­sis) and effi­cient pro­tec­tion schemes
  • dis­cuss the secu­ri­ty fea­tures of sys­tems (IoT net­works, Cyber‐​Physical Systems, etc.)

PHISIC adresses seve­ral hard­ware secu­ri­ty topics, as :

  • Side Channel & Fault injec­tion attacks
  • SW and HW pro­tec­tions against phy­si­cal threats
  • Emerging tech­no­lo­gies for secure devices
  • Machine Learning & security
  • Security assess­ment and veri­fi­ca­tion : lea­kage assess­ment, for­mal veri­fi­ca­tion, etc.
  • Security chal­lenges for IoT and mobile devices
  • Cryptographic algo­rithms and rela­ted imple­men­ta­tions : light­weight cryp­to, post‐​quantum, ECC, etc.
  • Remote phy­si­cal attacks
  • Other topics of inter­est rela­ted to hard­ware security

Last work­shops :  October 15th‐​16th 2019.

Website :