PHISIC Workshop

Every 18 months, the SAS department organizes the PHISIC Workshop.

PHISIC workshop aims at providing an environment for exchange among academic and industrial experts of the embedded security field. More precisely, we expect to:

  • contribute and share ideas on the latest trends in terms of academic research, collaborative projects and industrial challenges
  • identify future security trends
  • exchange on advanced practices in physical attacks (fault injection and side channel analysis) and efficient protection schemes
  • discuss the security features of systems (IoT networks, Cyber-Physical Systems, etc.)

PHISIC adresses several hardware security topics, as:

  • Side Channel & Fault injection attacks
  • SW and HW protections against physical threats
  • Emerging technologies for secure devices
  • Machine Learning & security
  • Security assessment and verification: leakage assessment, formal verification, etc.
  • Security challenges for IoT and mobile devices
  • Cryptographic algorithms and related implementations: lightweight crypto, post-quantum, ECC, etc.
  • Remote physical attacks
  • Other topics of interest related to hardware security

Last workshops :  October 15th-16th 2019.