MOOCTAB : Massive Online Open Course on Tablets

Massive Online Open Course on Tablets

MOOCTAB aims at crea­ting a tablet based plat­form dedi­ca­ted to the life­long lear­ning (pri­ma­ry, secon­da­ry, higher, and conti­nuous) using an on‐​demand MOOC plat­form with fol­lo­wing cha­rac­te­ris­tics :

-       It is based on exis­ting open source MOOC plat­forms (for example EdX for high school and conti­nuous edu­ca­tion) but new func­tio­na­li­ties will be added ;

-       Data will be sto­red on a local secu­red cloud (usage of European Cloud ser­vers, main European pro­vi­der) as such kee­ping inde­pen­dence ;

-       MOOC will be used through tablets with an intui­tive inter­face and a secu­red connec­tion (and some­times after pay­ment, depen­ding on use case) thanks to a strong mana­ge­ment of mate­rial fleet and iden­ti­fi­ca­tion usage adap­ted to each use case ;

-       This plat­form will be quite open to allow addi­tion of other use case after­ward, whe­ther it will be in e‑education or other appli­ca­tion such as docu­ments secu­red mana­ge­ment.

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