Thèse préparée par Kenneth-Ifeanyi Ezukwoke

Title : Aritificial Intelligence for Failure Analysis decisions-flow in Semiconductor Industry 4.0

Beginning of thesis : 05/10/2020
End of thesis : 30/09/2023

Abstract : The Failure Analysis (FA) 4.0 project will address a fundamental challenge for the digital world to ensure that increasingly complex electronic systems operate with complete reliability and safety. Intelligent automation of this analysis decision process using artificial intelligence and machine learning is the objective of the Industry 4.0 consortium; creating a reliable and efficient semiconductor industry.

This research focuses on developing a comprehensive, central recording analysis of metrology parameters and process-related inhomogeneities, tracked along the production process in correlation with existing failure catalogues. Newly discovered failure mechanisms identified in final components will be explored as part of a novel holistic approach for quality assurance and process improvement. The project is characterised by different research challanges linked with available data and the unexhaustive aspect of human decision-making must be considered with adaptive statistical learning tools.

Keywords : Failure analysis; Industry 4.0; Natural language processing; Artificial Intelligence; Machine learning ; Decision theory

Thesis defense :  Possibly 06/12/2023

Supervisor :

Partners or/and funders : EURIPIDES² PENTA

Project : Penta Euripides project Failure Analysis 4.0