Thèse préparée par Yousouf Taghzouti

Title : Semantic content nego­tia­tion for know­ledge inter­change among hete­ro­ge­neous systems

Beginning of the­sis : 2020
End of the­sis : 2023

Abstract : Content nego­tia­tion on the Web allows a data consu­mer (client) to tell a data pro­vi­der (ser­ver) what it expects in terms of for­mat, lan­guage, enco­ding, secu­ri­ty. In return, the ser­ver pro­vides data that meets these expec­ta­tions when it can, or indi­cates an alter­na­tive, for example, that the same infor­ma­tion resource is avai­lable in ano­ther for­mat. However, even when the client’s request is satis­fied, this does not mean that the client is able to inter­pret the data correctly

In par­ti­cu­lar, in appli­ca­tions that rely on Semantic Web tech­no­lo­gies, such as RDF and OWL, an appli­ca­tion could expect graph‐​based data that conform to a spe­ci­fic onto­lo­gy, or that fit a cer­tain data shape, or that is com­pa­tible with a given entailment regime. In envi­ron­ments such as the Web of Things, strong constraints may impose requi­re­ments on the ser­ver or client side due to pro­ces­sing power, band­width, or memo­ry limitations.

The main chal­lenge is to find out how clients and ser­vers can agree on the expec­ted (client‐​side) or pro­vi­ded (server‐​side) content auto­ma­ti­cal­ly, so without the deve­lo­per of the client appli­ca­tion having to contact the ser­ver mana­ger, or read natu­ral lan­guage documentation.

Keywords : Content nego­tia­tion, Semantic web, RDF, Client‐Server

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Partners or/​and fun­ders : Contrat doctoral