Thèse préparée par Gabriel Martins Lopes Cavalcante

Title :  Semantic Interoperability in the Constrained Semantic Web of Things

Beginning of the­sis : 2020
End of the­sis : 2023

Abstract : The Internet of Things connects phy­si­cal devices offe­ring sen­sing or actua­ting with their vici­ni­ty through consen­sual pro­to­cols over the Internet stack. The ever‐​growing capa­bi­li­ties of devices allow ima­gi­ning new archi­tec­tures inclu­ding them as first‐​class citi­zens, giving mar­gins to new added‐​value appli­ca­tions to be envi­sio­ned, by ins­tance, in smart agri­cul­ture, smart buil­dings, smart cities, ener­gy and water mana­ge­ment, e‑health, and so on. But, cer­tain phy­si­cal devices may present some limi­ta­tions in bat­te­ry, pro­ces­sing, sto­rage, net­wor­king, crea­ting what’s cal­led constrai­ned net­works, although rea­so­ning capa­bi­li­ties, crea­ted by inte­gra­ting seman­tic web tech­no­lo­gies over them, may still be exis­ting. Finally, those constrai­ned devices when com­mu­ni­ca­ting through the appli­ca­tion layer of Internet Stack create the Web of Things, allo­wing to seman­tize such devices, pos­si­bly loca­ted at dis­tance from sys­tems that per­form rea­so­ning, per­mit­ting the rea­son to be per­for­med at the edge of the net­work, taking into advan­tage the capa­bi­li­ties of the connec­ted devices while decen­tra­li­zing the traf­fic over the net­work. Thus, during this the­sis, we’ll (1) inves­ti­gate which onto­lo­gies could be (re)used, built, or adap­ted in order to create a Semantic Interoperability among the connec­ted devices, per­mit­ting their appli­ca­tion logic to inter­ope­rate free­ly, des­pite given hete­ro­ge­nei­ties in data‐​formats of exchan­ged mes­sages by ins­tance or in its data‐​models, and (2) how to eva­luate, to bench­mark, a given stra­te­gy for achie­ving seman­tic inter­ope­ra­bi­li­ty among constrai­ned connected‐​devices in a given network.

Keywords : Constrained‐​networks ; seman­tic inter­ope­ra­bi­li­ty ; web of things ; onto­lo­gy benchmarking

Thesis defense :  xx /​11/​2023

Supervisor :

Partners or/​and fun­ders : ARMINES