Thèse préparée par Carlos‐​Alberto MORENO CAMACHO

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Title (pro­vi­sio­nal): Towards an eco­no­mic, envi­ron­men­tal, and social desi­gn of the dai­ry sup­ply chain network.

This pro­ject seeks to contri­bute to the research in the concep­tion of sus­tai­nable sup­ply chains from a stra­te­gi­cal pers­pec­tive. Increasing concern from govern­ments, sta­ke­hol­ders, and consu­mers regar­ding envi­ron­men­tal and social issues for pro­ducts and ope­ra­tions has led to the stu­dy of sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty at the sup­ply chain level. 

This work focuses on the desi­gn of the sup­ply chain net­work in the dai­ry sec­tor, addres­sing deci­sions such as loca­tion, capa­ci­ties, trans­por­ta­tion modes, and allo­ca­tion of demand while addres­sing envi­ron­men­tal and social cri­te­ria as well. We consi­de­red an opti­mi­za­tion stra­te­gy to assess long‐​term impacts due to changes in pro­duc­tion and trans­for­ma­tion sys­tems atten­ding to eco­lo­gi­cal and social goals. Unlike pre­vious works in sup­ply chain desi­gn addres­sing the deci­sion of a focal com­pa­ny, this work pre­sents an industry‐​wide pers­pec­tive, at a regio­nal scale,  to the consi­de­ra­tion of sus­tai­nable development.

The model is inten­ded to be a tool for the eva­lua­tion of poli­cies in the whole indus­try. The spe­ci­fic case of the Colombian dai­ry indus­try is eva­lua­ted during the deve­lop­ment of the pro­ject. A poten­tial appli­ca­tion to a European case to com­pare and contrast dif­ferent condi­tions to sus­tai­nable deve­lop­ment is pursued.

This pro­ject is deve­lo­ped within the fra­me­work of a co‐​joint direc­tion agree­ment bet­ween Universidad de La Sabana (Colombia), KEDGE Business School (France) and Mines Saint‐​Étienne (France). A doc­to­ral scho­lar­ship is awar­ded for the stay time in Colombia ; while an employ­ment contract is pro­vi­ded by KEDGE during the stay in France

Fields : sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty, sup­ply chain management 

Duration : 3 years as fol­lows : 18 months in Colombia (January 2018 – June 2019) and 18 months in France (July 2019 – December 2020)

Funding : by uni­ver­si­ties

Thesis direc­tors :

  • Jairo R. MONTOYA TORRES, PhD, HDR (Universidad de La Sabana, Chía, Colombia), 
  • Anicia JAEGLER, PhD, HDR (Kedge Business School, Bordeaux, France), 
  • Natacha GONDRAN, PhD, HDR (Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne, Institut Fayol, France, )