Thèse préparée par Carlos-Alberto MORENO CAMACHO

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Title (provisional): Towards an economic, environmental, and social design of the dairy supply chain network.

This project seeks to contribute to the research in the conception of sustainable supply chains from a strategical perspective. Increasing concern from governments, stakeholders, and consumers regarding environmental and social issues for products and operations has led to the study of sustainability at the supply chain level.

This work focuses on the design of the supply chain network in the dairy sector, addressing decisions such as location, capacities, transportation modes, and allocation of demand while addressing environmental and social criteria as well. We considered an optimization strategy to assess long-term impacts due to changes in production and transformation systems attending to ecological and social goals. Unlike previous works in supply chain design addressing the decision of a focal company, this work presents an industry-wide perspective, at a regional scale,  to the consideration of sustainable development.

The model is intended to be a tool for the evaluation of policies in the whole industry. The specific case of the Colombian dairy industry is evaluated during the development of the project. A potential application to a European case to compare and contrast different conditions to sustainable development is pursued.

This project is developed within the framework of a co-joint direction agreement between Universidad de La Sabana (Colombia), KEDGE Business School (France) and Mines Saint-Étienne (France). A doctoral scholarship is awarded for the stay time in Colombia; while an employment contract is provided by KEDGE during the stay in France

Fields: sustainability, supply chain management

Duration: 3 years as follows: 18 months in Colombia (January 2018 – June 2019) and 18 months in France (July 2019 – December 2020)

Funding: by universities

Thesis directors:

  • Jairo R. MONTOYA TORRES, PhD, HDR (Universidad de La Sabana, Chía, Colombia),
  • Anicia JAEGLER, PhD, HDR (Kedge Business School, Bordeaux, France),
  • Natacha GONDRAN, PhD, HDR (Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne, Institut Fayol, France, )