Department of Bioelectronics (BEL)

“Interfacing electronics with life sciences”

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Bioelectronics deals with the coupling of the worlds of electronics and biology, and this coupling can go both ways. The natural ability for “recognition” in the biological world, such as between two complimentary DNA strands, can be combined with the awesome power of microelectronics to process signals to build powerful new biosensors. At the same time, electronic devices can help “guide” biological events, for example cell growth, thereby creating new tools for biomedical research. This cross-fertilization between the two disciplines improves our understanding of life processes and forms the basis for advanced disease detection and treatment. Tools generated in this arena, such as medical diagnostics and brain implants, will dominate the future of healthcare and help increase the span and quality of our lives. They will also play a dominant role in modernizing agriculture and in protecting animal health, our food supply, and the environment.


Key to these new technologies is a fundamental understanding of the interface between electronic materials and biology. Organic electronics – an emerging technology that relies on carbon-based semiconductors and promises to deliver devices with unique properties – seems to be ideally suited for the interface with biology. The “soft” nature of organic materials offers better mechanical compatibility with tissue than traditional electronic materials, while their natural compatibility with mechanically flexible substrates suits the non-planar form factors often required for biomedical implants. More importantly, their ability to conduct ions in addition to electrons and holes opens up a new communication channel with biology. Our Department combines expertise in organic electronics and biology. Our research aims to elucidate the fundamentals of the electronic materials/biology interface and to launch new bioelectronic technologies.

On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, I welcome you to our Department’s webpage and hope that you will enjoy your visit.

Rodney O’Connor,
Head of Department of Bioelectronics

Selected Stories

For more stories, follow us on twitter: @esma_ismailova (Esma Ismailova), @GeorgeMalliaras (George Malliaras), @neurophoton (Rod O’Connor), @biochemist_hero (Roisin Owens).

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Video: Our laboratory on TV3 for an award from the French Foundation for Epilepsy Research (in French).

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Recent News

Basque government Fellow (February 2017): Ana Sanchez joins BEL as a Basque government postdoctoral fellow.

Sabbatical visitor (February 2017): Helena Gleskova from Strathclyde University joins BEL for six weeks.

MRS Fellow (January 2017) : George Malliaras was elected Fellow of the Materials Research Society.

Congratulations to Paschalis (January 2017) : Congratulations to Paschalis Gkoupidenis who accepted a Group Leader position at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research.

Congratulations to Roisin (December 2016) : Roisin Owens promoted to Professor.

Congratulations to Esma (December 2016) : Esma Ismailova promoted to Associate Professor.

Doctor Eloise (December 2016) : Congratulations to Eloise Bihar who successfully defended her PhD thesis.

Congratulations to Roisin (November 2016) : Roisin Owens selected for ERC Consolidator Grant. After an ERC Starting and an ERC Proof-of-Concept, this is 3/3!

Doctor Ilke (November 2016) : Congratulations to Ilke Uguz who successfully defended his PhD thesis.

New role (November 2016) : George Malliaras named member of the Hellenic National Council for Research and Technology.

New Professor (November 2016) : Congratulations to Jonathan Rivnay who accepted an Assistant Professor position at Northwestern University.

Doctor Julie (November 2016): Congratulations to Julie Oziat who successfully defended her PhD thesis.

Doctor Thomas (October 2016): Congratulations to Thomas Lonjaret who successfully defended his PhD thesis.

Whitaker Fellow (October 2016): Alex Rutz joins BEL as a Whitaker foundation postdoctoral fellow.

Doctor Dimitrios (September 2016): Congratulations to Dimitrios Koutsouras who successfully defended his PhD thesis.

Doctor Gaetan (September 2016): Congratulations to Gaetan Scheiblin who successfully defended his PhD thesis.

New Department Head (September 2016) : Roisin Owens takes over as Head of Department.

New hire (September 2016) : Welcome to Adel Hama, who joins BEL as a permanent member of the staff.

Sabbatical stay (September 2016) : Professor Alberto Salleo from Stanford University joins BEL for a sabbatical stay.

Curie Fellow (September 2016): Donata Iandolo joins BEL as a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow.

New hire (June 2016) : Welcome to Rodney O’Connor, who will join BEL in October to start a new research direction in oncoelectronics.

New Professor (June 2016) : Congratulations to Dion Khodagholy who accepted an Assistant Professor position at Columbia University.

New Professor (May 2016) : Congratulations to Sahika Inal who accepted an Assistant Professor position at KAUST.