Scientific Departments

Center for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering

STBio – Soft Tissue BIOmechanics

Contact: Pierre

  • Prevention of aneurysm rupture
  • Biomechanical action of medical textiles
  • Numerical simulations
  • Biotribocorrosion of implants

I4S – Healthcare Engineering

Contact: Xiaolan Xie,

  • Modelling,
  • Simulation and optimization of healthcare systems
  • Planning
  • Hospital logistics
  • Operational research

BioPI – BIOmaterial and inhaled nanoParticles

Contact: Jérémie Pourchez,

  • Synthesis and manufacturing of bioceramics
  • 3D printing
  • Aerosol metrology
  • Cell culture
  • Biotoxicity
  • Bio-physico-chemical characterization of materials

Center of Microelectronics in Provence

FEL – Flexible Electronics

Contact: Thierry

  • Heterogeneous integration on flexible substrates.
  • Ductile sensors
  • Energy harvesting
  • Electronic skin

SFL – Manufacturing Sciences and Logistics

Contact: Dominique Feillet,

  • Micro-electronics for manufacture and logistics
  • Planning and scheduling

SAS – Secure Architectures and Systems

Contact: Bruno Robisson,

  • Applied research to guarantee the integrity of electronic components and of theirs contents (such as cryptographic keys, software modules, intellectual property cores, data in memories, etc.) against “attacks”.

Common research team with the ECA-Leti.

BEL – Bioelectronics

Contact: Rodney O’Connor,

  • Tools for the neurosciences
  • Biosensors for the diagnosis
  • Toxicology and detection of toxic products

Henri Fayol Institute

ISCOD – Informatique pour les Systèmes Coopératifs Ouverts et Décentralisés

Contact: Olivier Boissier,

Inter-connection of digital contents, services, things and people

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Semantic Web
  • Data mining
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Social Networks
  • Virtual Communities

DEMO – Décision en Entreprise : Modélisation, Optimisation

Contact: Mireille Batton-Hubert,

Mathematics for Decision Support tools based on computational and numerical methods

  • Simulation
  • Forecasting and optimization for physic processes and industrial systems
  • With uncertainty taken into account

PIESO – Performance Industrielle et Environnementale des Systèmes et des Organisations

Contact: Valérie Laforest,

Environmental, economic and social performances of production systems and territories

  • Environmental assessment
  • Sustainable logistic
  • Servitization
  • Territory resilience

EPICE – Études sur la Performance, l’Innovation et le Changement en Entreprise

Contact : Sandrine Berger-Douce,

Global Performance through Sustainable Innovation

  • Collaborative Platforms for Sustainable Innovation CSR
  • Innovation and Value Creation in SMEs
  • Managerial and Organizational Practices

Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering

MPE – Mechanics and direct Manufacturing Processes

Contact : François

  • Direct fabrication processes
  • Multi-materials
  • Numerical and physical modelling
  • Multi-physics coupling
  • Mechanics of solids
  • Fluids and porous media

MPI – Physical mechanics and Interfaces

Contact: Krzysztof WOLSKI,

  • Durability in severe environments
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Hydrogen effects
  • Surface analysis
  • Sensory properties,
  • Materials for design

PMM – Physics and Mechanics for the Metallurgy

Contact: Guillaume Kermouche,

  • Innovating alloys
  • Microstructures
  • Volume and surface thermomechanical processing
  • High-resolution analysis
  • In-situ testing

Center for Chemical Engineering

GSE – GeoSciences and Environment

Contact : Ana Cameirao,

  • Modelling of complex Hydrosystems
  • Recovery of Hydrometallurgical wastes
  • Depollution of Soils

PST – Powder Science and Technology

Contact: Olivier Bonnefoy,

  • Flow Insurance for gaz hydrate systems
  • Carbon-free Energy Production
  • Crystallization
  • Bio-sourced Energy
  • Granular Media
  • Particle Design

PRESSIC – Processes and Reactivity of Solid-Gas Systems, Instrumentation Sensors

Contact: Jean-Paul Viricelle,

  • Multi-Scale modelling of Heterogeneous Reactors
  • Reactivity of Multi-Material Systems
  • Heterogeneous Kinetics
  • Solid-Gas Reactivity
  • Process Intensification and Instrumentation
  • Sensors