#FutureMedicine – Mines Saint-Étienne Tech

#FutureMedicine 2021

This space dedicated to companies is based on co-creation and real-time experimentation of innovative equipment and services related to the health and autonomy of frail people.

The #FutureMedicine scientific and technological platform brings together all the health activities of the MINES Saint-Étienne Tech strategic project to help companies move towards the industry of the future.

It relies on a Living Lab and 6 demonstrators that facilitate the co-creation process: a set of human and material resources to mobilize for your innovative project.

These demonstrators are dedicated to industrialists to test and evaluate the feasibility and integration in real time of prototypes and technical solutions. They are based on the technical platforms of the Engineering and Health Center: state-of-the-art equipment and software tools specific to the expertise of the researchers.

Our strengths

Methodological assets: an open-innovation living lab to support engineering and modeling

Human resources: a clinical centre (health professionals from mutualist establishments) backed by a scientific laboratory (engineers and researchers)

Strategic assets: a territorial and national network at the service of the Silver Economy thanks to a target perimeter and a field experimentation.

Our partnerships: