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Virtual Hospital Tecnological Demonstrator

A solution at the service of practitioners to better anticipate and facilitate decision-making: this digital twin of the hospital offers innovative applications linked to virtual and augmented reality.

The HoVi demonstrator allows to experiment the successive stages of health organizations and technologies to simulate different business scenarios:
-Analysis and prediction on health data,
-Immersion in the virtual hospital,
-Real time decision support.

It is based on modeling, digital simulation, software tools for decision support in health and automated planning: thanks to a 3D visualization interface, it allows the optimization of activities and care paths in the hospital.

Examples of applications:
Digital twin of the emergency department of the CHU de Saint-Étienne
Its objective is (1) to follow the flow of patient arrivals, thus allowing to evaluate the activities of the service and (2) to simulate configurable scenarios (fire, attack, road accident involving many injured …) in order to determine the necessary resources in personnel and the configurable parameters related to the service (availability of beds, scanners …)

• Monitoring of activities, crisis management and real-time decision support in the event of disasters or major events (floods, attacks, transport accidents, etc.)

Contact : Raksmey Phan, CIS, LIMOS

This technological demonstrator is based on the Virtual Hospital technical platform (equipment, expertise and skills) of the Centre for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering