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Inhaled particles Technological Demonstrator

The evaluation of aerosol therapy medical devices is at the heart of public health studies conducted for companies and communities.

It is based on an approach through experimentation and uses :

  • aerosol therapy devices such as inhalers or nebulizers and their improvement (prototyping, tests, feedback).
  • vaping devices for adaptation as medication devices (characterization of emissions, toxicology)
  • Harmfulness and identification of addictive behavior in a public health approach.

It relies on the Aerosol (aerosol metrology, anatomical models for the study of aerosol deposition) and Toxicity (physico-chemical particle characterization techniques, toxicology tests, exposure at the air/liquid interface) expertise of the Biological Activity of Inhaled Particles department (BioPi)

Examples of projects:
• Study of aerosol deposition in the respiratory tract with a unique model that consists of coupling a 3D printed human head made of plastic to ex vivo pig lungs. The objective is to reduce animal experimentation.
• Conditions of use of the electronic cigarette (comparison with tobacco). Bench testing and determination of “Vape Profiles
• Study of the performance of masks for medical and non sanitary use (bacterial filtration, viral filtration, breathability, decontamination …).

Contact : Lara Leclerc, CIS, dpt BioPi / SAINBIOSE, DVH Team

This technological demonstrator is based on the Inhaled particles technical platform (equipment, expertise and skills) of the Centre for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering