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3DFabLab Technological Demonstrator

3DFablab supports companies in the innovation and industrial implementation of their project.

Dedicated to the development of calcium phosphate biomaterials and innovative processes (manufacture of functional prototypes) for biomedical applications, particularly bone.

The objective is to support companies towards the industry of the future in the industrial implementation of their project and to help them in the development of innovative medical devices and processes. This support is intended to be scientific, organizational, material, production, training and qualification assistance.

3DFabLab has all the research, design and digital simulation, production and analysis equipment essential for the manufacture of functional prototypes in an environment that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices in the biomedical field.

Contact : David Marchat, CIS, SAINBIOSE, LBTO Team

This technological demonstrator is based on the 3DFabLab technical platform (equipment, expertise and skills) of the Centre for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering