#FutureMedicine – Mines Saint-Étienne Tech

Fretting Corrosion Technological Demonstrator

This demonstrator offers unique expertise in tribocorrosion of biomaterials to understand wear and improve the robustness of orthopedic implants under the physiological conditions of their use in humans.

The experiments reproduce in vivo phenomena for the prediction of wear and aging of implantable materials, mainly total hip prosthesis: micro-friction, shock machine, walking simulator for in situ measurement of constraints.
They are based on the study of material surfaces and surface treatments that will extend the life of these implants.

The interpretations (models and mechanical behavior) for the living complete the device.

Examples of projects:

• Study on titanium foam as a potential component of orthopaedic prostheses (Mines de Saint-Étienne / University of Minho, Portugal). Mechanical tests (compression) and corrosion friction solicitations on a titanium sponge part to measure its mechanical integrity.

• Design of a simulator for prosthesis testing: reconstructing an almost identical hand with synthetic means. The measurements obtained make it possible to correctly size these prostheses and to assess their durability over time.

Contacts: Jean Geringer, Joël Monnatte, CIS, SAINBIOSE, LBTO Team

This technological demonstrator is based on the Tribocorrosion/orthopedic implants technical platform (equipment, expertise and skills) of the Centre for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering