If you own the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or the SE401Q106 (Quebec), or any proof of international student insurance coverage, you do not have to be affiliated to French Student Social Security. In every other case, subscription to to the Student Social Security is compulsory. The minimum annual cost for the basic insurance is approximately 200 €, to be paid at the EMSE office of the registrar during the Welcome Days (optional supplementary benefit coverage between 60 and 400 € annually).

Student Visa Application

EU citizens

No visa required (valid passport or ID card are sufficient)

Non-EU citizens

2 types of visas:

  • short-stay student visa for stays under 90 days;
  • long-stay student visa for stays exceeding 90 days.

Application procedure subject to country of origin: please contact the French embassy or consulate in your home country and the local Campus France office where relevant for the academic interview prior to the visa application.