International partnerships and exchange programmes

International partnerships

The École des Mines de Saint-Étienne has developed more than 120 partnerships with international universities, all selected for their excellence in engineering, with the aim of promoting both student exchanges at Master’s or Doctorate level and staff mobility.

These partnership agreements were founded on good mutual understanding between École des Mines and foreign institutions, good communication, as well as a high level of studies and easy integration. With 20 prestigious and top-ranked academic partners, École des Mines has developed dual degree programmes giving some students the opportunity to obtain the Master of Engineering of Mines Saint-Étienne and the Master of Engineering issued by their home institution.

International exchange programmes

  • Erasmus Plus
    Mines Saint-Étienne has been part of the ERASMUS programme since its inception. Our first exchanges with European partners began rather modestly, but soon increased rapidly enabling students to benefit from an international experience. The number of incoming students from other European countries is continually growing. ERASMUS students particularly appreciate our wide variety of courses, our emphasis on working in small groups and the closeness of student-teacher relationships (ratio 1/7).
    Fact sheet for international students (PDF)
  • FITEC programmes (Brafitec / Arfitec / Mexfitec projects)
  • EcoSud and EcoNord networks
  • Campus France

International Networks

Brazil, China, Colombia, India

A body of highly specialised staff represent the Institute Mines-Télécom in these four countries. They are providing all their help and knowledge to applicants (students and scholars) for mobility and they organize student recruitment sessions.