About Us

What is a French “Grande École”

As a French Grande École, Mines Saint-Étienne is a small international university, devoted to scientific education, research and innovation in 6 fields of excellence:

  • Energy and Processes (nuclear, gas – oil, hydrogen technology, wood gasification);
  • Optimized Materials for aerospace, automotive, nuclear (Carbon Light Energies);
  • Industrial Engineering (Information Systems, logistics, IT);
  • Environment (Environmental Management, Sustainable Development);
  • Microelectronics (flexible substrates, packaging, secure communicating solutions);
  • Health (Biomechanics and Biomaterials, imaging, hospital management).

Rankings speak for themselves

Erasmus Plus

Mines Saint-Étienne has been part of the ERASMUS programme since its inception. Our first exchanges with European partners began rather modestly, but soon increased rapidly enabling students to benefit from an international experience. The number of incoming students from other European countries is continually growing. ERASMUS students particularly appreciate our wide variety of courses, our emphasis on working in small groups and the closeness of student-teacher relationships (ratio 1/7).

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027 (PDF – French)

As a founding member of the Institut Mines Télécom network of Grandes Écoles, Mines Saint-Étienne educates top-level engineers and PhD researchers, both in Saint-Étienne (near Lyon) or Gardanne (between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille).

We are delighted to welcome international students for 6 months (for an exchange semester) one year or to 2 years (double diploma) and have all the experience required to make a success of each academic stay, (both in terms of studies and in terms of cultural integration and exchange). Our dedicated team will provide every prospective foreign student time and advice to build an attractive programme of studies and an enjoyable stay in France.