About Us

Our values

Established in 1816, and part of the French « Grandes Ecoles » system, the School has remained true to its core values: education, research, and dedication to economic development. Throughout its history, École des Mines de Saint-Étienne (EMSE) has delivered academic programmes and research relevant to the requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses. In two centuries, the School has been transformed from an elite vocational school into a fully integrated graduate research college.

“Inspiring innovation” is its motto

At its inception, the School was entrusted with the mission of training high-level executives in order to foster the expansion of heavy industry (mining, energy, transportation, metallurgy) in line with the European Industrial Revolution.

The diversity of the skills relevant to the past industrial context shaped lasting pedagogical principles which have turned out to be particularly suitable to a wide spectrum of engineering fields.

A well-balanced blend of scientific core subjects, engineering techniques, and economic and human sciences are taught by professors closely connected to the economic world and complemented by internships in industrial positions. This has contributed to forging the graduate identity of École des Mines de Saint-Étienne. These values are embedded in our key graduate level diploma: Ingénieur Civil des Mines, a proud illustration of the French engineering school at its best.

The graduates from École des Mines de Saint-Étienne have been at the forefront of technological progress in the whole industry, in France and abroad. They have been instrumental in the development of innovative production and management methods, and in the introduction of new technologies, across the successive steps of industrial advances.

Mines Saint-Étienne has opened its horizons to international partnerships with 35 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.  Today, École des Mines has more than 80 academic partners worldwide, 19 double-diploma agreements as part of its Executive Engineering degree programme, and research partnerships with the world’s top universities.