Master’s degrees in engineering or ‘titres d’ingénieur Grande École’

Ingénieur Civil des Mines (ICM) & Ingénieur Spécialité Microélectronique et  Informatique (ISMIN)

2-year programs for degree seeking international students in engineering:
‘Obtain a Master’s Degree in Engineering in 2 years’!

The ICM and ISMIN graduate engineering diplomas are obtained after 5 years of higher education of which the last 3 are taken at the MINES Saint-Étienne.

International students who have completed a first cycle in Science and Engineering can be admitted (see requirements) for the last 2 years and obtain a Master’s Degree in Engineering. After graduation, they have the possibility to continue as PhD students.

The engineering programs are qualified Masters in Engineering taught in French and English, accredited by the “Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs”.  They combine broad theoretical knowledge with hands-on projects, development of management and communication skills through mandatory international experience and practical training in partner companies. Small-group teaching and close educational supervision are essential features of the program.

Substantial Internships in Industry during the Master’s in Engineering!

Master’s Degree in Engineering – ‘Ingénieur Civil des Mines’ (ICM)

This degree was originally created to meet the needs of elite executive staff in the French mining industry. Associated with the “Mines” label, a symbol of excellence for over 120 years, ICM now offers a broad educational program dedicated to responding to the current and future needs of industry in Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Process and Energy Engineering, Information Technology, Data Science, Industrial Engineering, Urban and Industrial environments, Corporate finance, Biomedical Engineering… ICM engineering students combine two Majors from a choice of ten and build a unique interdisciplinary profile.
(Syllabus online)

After graduating from EMSE, an « Ingénieur Civil des Mines» is a high level generalist engineer who is able to:

Innovate in a chosen field of expertise, interact with experts in other fields, manage complex organizations and lead teams, operate in a multicultural and global context, respond quickly to professional challenges.

Master’s Degree in Microelectronics Engineering –‘ Ingénieur Spécialité Microélectronique et Informatique’ (ISMIN)

Since 2003, the ISMIN degree has been educating highly specialized engineers in the sectors of nanotechnology, information systems and new technologies.

After graduating from EMSE, an « Ingénieur Spécialité Microélectronique et Informatique» is a specialist qualified to innovate, design, set up, organize and manage large-scale industrial projects in an international and global environment in this specific domain.

One year or one semester of academic studies (transferable credits):  access to all French and English-taught graduate courses in applied science and engineering. Several-months lab projects in fields related to the ten Majors covered proposed by the programs. Compose your program ‘à la carte’!