Doctoral studies and internship opportunities

PhDs available in our 5 Research and Academic Centers, open to students holding a Master of Science or a Master in Engineering.

Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering – SMS


Optimizing materials and structures for Energy production, transport and storage / Designing lighter structures for fuel-efficient transportation / Local Multiphysics Analysis for structural materials and functional surfaces / Human-centered design of materials and surfaces for the creative industries.

Chemical Engineering and Natural Processes – SPIN


Powder Technology / Particle Design / Geometry & Physics of Granular media / Crystallization / Application of Gas Hydrates / Reactivity of solids / Heterogeneous kinetics / Solid Gas interactions / Chemical gas sensors & Instrumentation / Hydrosystems Modeling & GIS  / Optimal Allocation of Water resources / Remediation of metallurgical & mining brownfields / Reactive Transport in Geological environments.

Henri Fayol Institute – FAYOL


Mathematical technics to Optimize Complex Product and Production Systems / Computer Science for Decentralized, Open and Cooperative Systems / Modeling and Management of Industrial and Territorial Systems, including Risk and Environmental Assessment / Corporate social responsibility, innovation and change management / New Business Models.

Health engineering – CIS


Biomechanics: soft tissue experimental characterization and computational modeling in interaction with medical devices, cardiovascular bioengineering.

Biomaterials: bioceramics for bone tissue engineering, biodistribution, biopersistence, bioreactivity of inhaled nanoparticles, biotribocorrosion of implants.

Healthcare engineering: modeling and optimization of healthcare systems, hospital logistics and planning.

Microelectronics – CMP


Optimization and operational research in industrial engineering/ Security, Characterization of Circuits and Hardware Protection (smartcard)/ Inkjet Printing on Flexible or Etirable Substrates for Connected Objects/ Interfacing between Life Sciences and Organic Electronics.