About Us

Leadership & Organization

Since 1991, the school is a national, autonomous public agency, placed under the authority of the Ministry in charge of Industry.

The national supervision of the School is achieved by a subsidiary governmental body, the General Council for Economy, Industry, Energy, and Technologies chaired by the Minister. A government-appointed Vice-chair administrates the General Council by delegation. The current Vice-chair is General Engineer Pascal Faure.

The School is administered by a Board of Directors, whose chair is appointed by presidential order for a renewable three-year term. The president of the Board is currently Mr. François Gerin, deputy-CEO of Siemens France. The Board is open to all the School’s stakeholders : students, faculty, staff, alumni, national and local governments, higher education experts, and representatives from the industrial and economic sectors.

The 29 members of the Board are either elected by spectific constituencies (students, professors, staff) or appointed by ministerial order. Consultative statutory bodies, formed by elected and appointed members, are dedicated to specific domains: Teaching Committee, Research Committee, Technical Committee.

The School is managed by a Rector (« directeur »), whose functions are similar to a University President. The Rector is appointed by presidential order for a five-year term, renewable once. Dr Pascal Ray, first appointed in July 2014 is the 27th director of the school since its foundation in 1816.

The Rector is shouldered by vice-directors (VDs), a chief administrative officer (CAO), and assistant-directors (ADs). VDs and CAO are appointed by ministerial orders, ADs by Rector’s decision. Rector, VDs, CAO and ADs form the Executive Committee (COMEX), which embodies the collegial management of the School, and makes decisions as approriate. COMEX meetings are held on a weekly/by-monthly basis.

The Executive Committee (COMEX) members are:

  • Pascal Ray, President;
  • David Delafosse, Senior Vice-President for Research and Innovation;
  • Xavier Olagne, Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs;
  • David Fara, Chief Administrative officier.

The Steering Committee (COMDIR) is the reunion of COMEX and of the School’s responsible entities (research departments, Gardanne Campus manager, Delegation to Sustainable Development, Delegation to Scientific Outreach, Delegation to Communication, Library). The Steering Committee has an advisory role. It mainly deals with medium to long term orientations of the School management. COMDIR meets 5 to 6 times every academic year.