MINES Saint-Étienne


Teachings were given from the beginning of my PhD thesis for master students and from 1998, for 2nd  (2A) and final (3rd-3A) students of École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Étienne. Courses for 3A students are also for M.Sc level. The topics of the courses and tutorials deal with mechanics, computational mechanics and mathematics for physics.

In the recent years many courses were created and taught. In 2002, I built a new 120h block of scientific teaching specifically for mechanics. In 2006, I have been in charge of teaching activities regarding engineering and health (120h in 2A, 360h in 3A, 2 MSC specialties).

From 2009 I have been managing a 90h block courses about computational mechanics (including dedicated courses about dynamics and computational mechanics) and a 24 h block for applied mathematics. In 2012 I have settled a 300 pages course about material homogenization and composites. From September 2014, I am in charge of a 160h block dedicated to Mechanics, besides teaching structural mechanics and composites in this block. Along with these courses, managing student exchangs with Bristol University and tutoring students (2nd year, 3rd year, MSc) placed in industry represent a large part of my teaching duties.

Courses taught this year :

o   Continuum Mechanics 1st year (175 p. document, 8.9 Mb)

o   µstructure – Properties Relationships in composites (seminar) 2nd/3rd year (213 p. handout, 66.2 Mb)

o   Structural mechanics and numerical approximations 2nd/3rd year (322 p. document, 20.2, Mb)

o   Mechanics of composites – Homogenization 3rd year /MSc (280 p., 48.1 Mb)

Courses taught in the past years :

o   Computational mechanics 3rd year / MSc (210 p. document, 6.9 Mb)

o   Dynamics of Solids and Structures 3rd year /MSc (185 p. document, 2.6 Mb)

o  Interface capture and representation – 1st year (74 p. handout, 4.2 Mb)

o  Mathematics of Instabilities and bifurcations 2nd year (133 p. handout, 7.3 Mb)

Homogenization techniques and Scale Transition 3A / MSc (154 p. handout, 8.4 Mb)

o  Design of composite structures 3A / MSc

o  CAD initiation 2nd year

o  APPEX (Activités Personnelles en Physique EXpérimentale) 1st year

o  Manufacturing of composites 2nd year

o  Finite elements and Structures 2nd year

o  Strength of Materials 2nd year

o  Structures Instabilities – introduction 3rd year / MSc