• Responsabilité et missions

    Head of CNRS Research Unit UMR5307 – LGF (labo­ra­toire Georges Friedel)
    Head of « Chemical gas Sensors » group in Chemical Engineering Center (SPIN)

  • Activités de recherche

    Electrical pro­per­ties of solids for deve­lop­ment of che­mi­cal gas sen­sors, solid oxide fuel cells and micro‐preconcentrators

  • Enseignement

    Physical methods for mat­ter cha­rac­te­ri­sa­tion, ther­mal analysis
    Defects in solids
    Fluid mecha­nics, Thermodynamics
    Gas sensors 

  • Biographie

    After a PhD in Chemical Engineering, I have first­ly stu­died the oxi­da­tion of cera­mic com­po­site mate­rials in University of Limoges (France) from 1995 to 1997. Since 1998, I have been wor­king in the field of Microsystems, Instrumentation and solid state Chemical Sensors for a wide range of appli­ca­tions, with a focus on auto­mo­tive exhaust sen­sors. I manage this research depart­ment which has also a more gene­ral research acti­vi­ty on solid‐​gas reac­ti­vi­ty since 2009. Supervisor of 18 PhDs, author of more than 50 publi­ca­tions, 5 patents, revie­wers for many papers in the field of che­mi­cal gas sen­sors, I have joi­ned the stee­ring com­mit­tee of EUROSENSORS which super­vises each year Eurosensors confe­rence at European level (500 attendees).

  • Formation

    1. Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering 1994 (Ecole des Mines, St‐​Etienne, France)
    2. Engineering Degree in Chemistry 1990 (CPE, Lyon, France) 

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