Nicolas MOULIN

  • Compétences

    – Multiphysics Modelling
    – MultiScale and Stabilized finite Element Methods for Multiphysics Problems
    – Computational Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics
    – Interface capturing and Level-Set method
    – Process simulation and coupling (resin infusion based processes)
    – High performance computing

  • Activités de recherche

    I am currently Assistant Professor in Computational Mechanics at the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne (France) in the Mechanics and Materials Processing department (Center for Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering, LGF UMR CNRS 5307). I am also in charge of a Numerical and Simulation platform.

    My research focuses on modelling of coupled multiphysics phenomena applied to materials engineering, fluid/solid mechanics and process simulation. The aim of the research is the development of robust mathematical models and numerical tools (i.e. MultiScale and Stabilized finite Element Method) for modelling/understanding direct elaboration processes and the resulting structures and microstructures.

  • Enseignement

    – Continuum Mechanics, 1st year
    – Finite Element Method, 2nd year
    – Finite Element Project supervision
    – Computational mechanics, 3rd year / M.Sc.