Institut Henri Fayol

Thèse préparée par Yousouf Taghzouti

Title : Semantic content negotiation for knowledge interchange among heterogeneous systems

Beginning of thesis : 2020
End of thesis : 2023

Abstract : Content negotiation on the Web allows a data consumer (client) to tell a data provider (server) what it expects in terms of format, language, encoding, security. In return, the server provides data that meets these expectations when it can, or indicates an alternative, for example, that the same information resource is available in another format. However, even when the client’s request is satisfied, this does not mean that the client is able to interpret the data correctly

In particular, in applications that rely on Semantic Web technologies, such as RDF and OWL, an application could expect graph-based data that conform to a specific ontology, or that fit a certain data shape, or that is compatible with a given entailment regime. In environments such as the Web of Things, strong constraints may impose requirements on the server or client side due to processing power, bandwidth, or memory limitations.

The main challenge is to find out how clients and servers can agree on the expected (client-side) or provided (server-side) content automatically, so without the developer of the client application having to contact the server manager, or read natural language documentation.

Keywords : Content negotiation, Semantic web, RDF, Client-Server

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Partners or/and funders : Contrat doctoral