Institut Henri Fayol

Thèse préparée par Adnane Mansour

Title : Regulation in Hybrid Communities of People and Agents on the Web

Beginning of thesis : 2020
End of thesis : 2023

Abstract : The objective of this PhD project is to address the regulation of hybrid communities in the context of the Web, which is the most scalable, flexi- ble, and human-centric software system deployed ever. The Web was specifically designed to be an Internet-scale and long-lived system in which components can be deployed and can evolve independently from one another at run time. Thus, the high degrees of openness, heterogeneity, long-livedness, and the immense scale of the Web pose unique challenges that have to be considered when designing the regulation of hybrid communities on the Web.

Keywords : Regulation, Regulation in Hybrid Communities, Regulation in Multi-Agent Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Regulation on the Web, Semantic Web, Hypermedia

Thesis defense : —

Supervisor :

  • Olivier Boissier : Professeur  Mines Saint-Etienne , Limos
  • Serena Villata : Professeur à Université Côte d’Azur- Inria

Partners or/and funders :