• Responsibilities and Duties

    Co-manager LBTO / SAINBIOSE, INSERM U1059

  • Skills

    Experimental mechanics / Soft tissues biomechanics / Composite Materials / Tribology

  • Research Topics

    Intéraction of textile-based medical devices and human body
    On-going projects:
    . Capture and Modelling of the Shod Foot in Motion (coll. INRIA Alps, Sporaltec, CTC, funding ANR)
    . Friction effects in compressive medical device / humain body interaction (coll. LIBM, LTDS, funding AuRA region)
    . Mechanical Characterization of Orthotics: Application to Lumbar Belts in Low Back Pain (Coll. LPE, Thuasne)

  • Teaching Areas

    ICM Ms Eng.:
    . Experimental methods
    . Biomechanics

    SIS doctoral school:
    . Experimental mechanics

  • Education

    1994: Master of Engineering, Master of Mechanics, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon
    1999: PhD in Mechanics, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon – dir. L. Flamand, Ph. Vergne
    2007: Habilitation, Université Jean Monnet

  • Career History

    1994-1996: Alternative civilian service, Univ. Joseph Fourier
    1996-1999: Junior engineer, Institut de Recherche sur la Sidérurgie, Maizières-lès-Metz
    1999: Junior engineer, INSAVALOR, Lyon
    2000-2011: Assistant professor, Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering, Mines Saint-Etienne
    depuis 2011: Full professor, Centre for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering, Mines Saint-Etienne

  • Main Publications

    . J Molimard, Experimental mechanics of solids and structures, John Wiley & Sons, 2016

    Recent publications:
    . B Dousteyssier et al., Soft Tissues’ Loadings on Healthy Knee at Different Physiological Flexions: A Coupled Experimental–Numerical Approach Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 115-128, 2018
    . F Chassagne et al., Superimposition of elastic and nonelastic compression bandages, Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders 5 (6), 851-858, 2017
    . S Tupin et al. Multiscale approach to characterize mechanical properties of tissue engineered skin, Annals of biomedical engineering 44 (9), 2851-2862, 2016
    . F Chassagne et al., Experimental investigation of pressure applied on the lower leg by elastic compression bandage, Annals of biomedical engineering 43 (12), 2967-2977, 2015
    . B Pierrat et al. Characterisation of in-vivo mechanical action of knee braces regarding their anti-drawer effect, The Knee 22 (2), 80-87, 2015
    . R Bonnaire et al., Characterization of a pressure measuring system for the evaluation of medical devices, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of engineering in Medicine, 228 (12), 1264-1274, 2014

    More than 100 cites publications:
    . M Bornert, et al., Assessment of digital image correlation measurement errors: methodology and results, Experimental mechanics 49 (3), 353-370, 2009
    . M Hartl et al., Thin film colorimetric interferometry, Tribology Transactions 44 (2), 270-276, 2001
    . SV Lomov, et al., Full-field strain measurements for validation of meso-FE analysis of textile composites, Composites Part A: Applied science and manufacturing 39 (8), 1218-1231, 2008
    . J Molimard et al., Identification of the four orthotropic plate stiffnesses using a single open-hole tensile test, Experimental Mechanics 45 (5), 404-411, 2005

  • Distinctions

    . Knight’s title in the Order of the Academic Palms, Jan 2018
    . Hetteny Award for the best publication, Society for Experimental Mechanics, Jun 2011