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ICM – Master’s Degree in Science and Executive Engineering

This Master, named “diplôme d’Ingénieur Civil des Mines (ICM)” in French, is the signature diploma of three French elite Schools of Engineering, Mines Paris-Tech, Mines Saint-Étienne, and Mines Nancy. The aim of the ‘Ingénieur Civil des Mines’ Master’s degree in Engineering is to train executive engineers for top-level management and technical positions in industrial and service companies in a globalized context.

Regularly ranked among the top 15 of the 230 French engineering courses, ICM combines broad theoretical knowledge with hands-on projects, development of management and communication skills through mandatory international experience and practical training through long term internships in partner companies. Teaching in small classes, and close educational supervision, are essential features of the programme. Research-oriented projects are offered to students wishing to start a PhD programme after graduation.

After graduating from Mines Saint-Étienne, an “Ingénieur Civil des Mines” is able to innovate in a chosen field of expertise, interact with experts in other fields, manage complex organizations, lead teams, operate in a multicultural and global context, and respond quickly to professional challenges.

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Campus of Gardanne

Work-ready graduates

ISMIN – Master’s Degree in Microelectronics and Computer Science

The ISMIN engineering degree was set up at Mines Saint-Étienne in 2003. From the beginning, it has been associated with the Centre of Microelectronics in Provence research centre (CMP). The CMP has four cutting-edge research departments, Manufacturing Sciences & Logistics, Bioelectronics, Digital Hardware Security and Flexible Electronics. It is located in Gardanne, between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille in the heart of Provence.

An “Ingénieur ISMIN” will be qualified to innovate, design, set up, organize and manage industrial projects in the global environment of microelectronics, computer science and new technologies.

The ISMIN engineering programme is a degree in engineering mostly taught in French, and accredited by the national “Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs”. ISMIN offers an educational programme focused on four different majors. It combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on projects, development of management and communication skills through international experience and practical training in partner companies. Small classes and close educational supervision are essential features of the programme.

A course tailored to meet the needs of both students and industry

In order to meet the demands of industry and to anticipate the development of technologies and innovations in microelectronics design and computer science, ISMIN provides a learning environment which enables future engineers to:

  • Master the sciences and techniques in this highly-specialised field;
  • Understand the working methods of associated companies both from a human and economic point of view;
  • Develop the skills needed to study and work abroad, notably through practical involvement (particularly in English and other foreign languages).

In their final year (Master 2) students can major in one of three fields:

  • Computer Science
  • Embedded Systems
  • Micro-electronics design

and choose one of the following specialisations:

  • Mobility and Security
  • Electronics and Energy
  • Information Technology and Supply Chain
  • Bio-Medical Devices

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Requirements /ICM & ISMIN

The ICM & ISMIN curriculum are flexible and adaptable two-year programmes designed to allow students to explore and to achieve their own career aspirations. International students can be admitted in these programmes either as:

  • Visiting or exchange students: as exchange students for a semester or a year, they will get credits for their studies at Mines Saint-Étienne, but will not be eligible for a Mines Saint-Étienne’s degree. These credits can be recognised by their institution of origin for graduation.
  • Graduating or full degree students (including Double Degrees): as regular students for the programme these international students will follow the same curriculum as local students for the final two years of study. They are expected to graduate from Mines Saint-Étienne with the Master’s Degree in Science and Executive Engineering, or the Master’s Degree in Microelectronics and Computer Science, and can also be eligible for their home university’s degree in the case of a double-degree agreement.

Candidates holding an M1 degree in Science or Engineering (equivalent to 240 European credits) can join the programme as Master’s students.

The graduate course in science and executive engineering – ICM (Ingénieur Civil des Mines) & ISMIN (Ingénieur Systèmes Microélectronique et INformatique) also welcomes international exchange students from partner universities as visiting/exchange students for one or two academic semesters and for lab internships at graduate level.

Before arrival: French Summer Schools and integration programmes for international students are available in partner institutions:

French Summer Schools

Academic requirements

Bachelor of Science in Engineering with honours or equivalent, with a minimum 4-year education at the University (240 equivalent European credits), or admission under the framework of a partnership agreement (contact your international relations office).

Language requirements

What level are you expected to have in French?

If you are applying for:

  • a B1-level is mandatory.

In all cases, classes of French as a foreign language are available from October to May with different level groups and 2 to 3 hours per week.

Admission procedures

  • Step 2
    • If your university of origin is a Mines Saint-Étienne partner
      You have to be preselected to apply to Mines Saint-Étienne. The study abroad team of your university or the contact faculty in charge of the partnership will inform you about the application process, the course choice, as well as the funding opportunities, and will get in touch with us to nominate the preselected students.
    • If you want to apply as an independent candidate (free mover) please contact: