SPIN Centre for Chemical Engineering

Technology transfer

The SPIN Centre offers a welcoming and responsive environment to transform Science into near-to-market pilot scale systems. It is based on a proven know-how and qualified staff:

Mechanical engineering and fabrication

  • custom design of prototypes by CAO
  • manufacturing in a in-house workshop
    • conventional and numerical lathes
    • milling cutter machine
  • additive manufacturing (shared access)


  • design of monitoring and control systems
  • software development with Labview
  • electronic implementation (from low-level to integrated systems)

Test and validation

  • laboratories with secured access
  • large hall (100 m² and up to 10 m tall prototypes)
  • test reporting

Integration of partners staff

  • work-offices with secured access, internet, printing, …
  • full access to the SPIN Centre experimental facilities
  • strong collaboration with experts
  • easy contractualisation with respect to IP