SPIN Centre for Chemical Engineering

Dedicated labs

The SPIN Centre is equipped with several laboratories with secured access:


Crystallization labs


Hydrate labs


Cement labs

Multiple reactors with on-line and in-situ PSD measurements   High pressure, low temperature batch reactors + flow loop   Mixers, TOC, calorimeter, thermal analysis, conductimetry, rheometer


Sensor labs


Bio lab


Thermal analysis

Sensors test benches, electrical measurements, thin and thick films deposition   Sterile 17 m² room, autoclave, biosafety cabinet   DSC, thermobalances, thermo-desorption, calorimeters, dilatometers


Large Chem. Eng. Hall


Additive manufacturing


Uranium lab

200 m², 20 m height, gantry crane   Shared facilities of SLM   20 m², 1 kg storage capacity, Geiger counter


Powder lab


Phyto lab


Nano lab

Powder rheometer, press, shakers, mixer, grinders, sieves, atomizers (shared)   Controlled moisture, temperature and light   17 m², 2 gloveboxes, weighing machine


Sample preparation





Microtome,Laser drilling, Saw, oven, climatic chamber, US cleaning, metallizer