• Email valfort@mines-stetienne.fr
  • Phone +33 4 77 42 02 12
  • Capacity Technicien de laboratoire
  • Centre Centre for Chemical Engineering -
  • Department Procédés de Transformations des Solides et Instrumentation (PTSI)
  • Site Campus of Saint-Étienne
    158, cours Fauriel, Saint-Étienne
  • Office D0-14
  • Responsibilities and Duties

    1. Manager of X rays service: x ray diffraction and tomography
    2. Safety officers

  • Skills

    1. X ray diffraction: structural characterization, investigation of high temperature phases, solid solutions and determination of unit cell parameters of new materials, crystallite size and lattice strain
    2. Computed tomography 3D: down to 0,5µm voxel size, non-destructive visualization of slices, pore analysis