• Responsibilities and Duties

    Geologist specialized in mineral chemistry
    Head of the “Spectroscopy and Chemical Analysis” plateau
    Open and available for all scientific and industrial collaboration

  • Skills

    Experimental study of solid-fluid interactions at HP-HT (up to 1 GPa and 400°C):
    – reactive percolation benches
    – batch reactors (two- and three-phase), continuous flow reactors
    – diamond anvil cells

    Characterization of materials (solid, liquid and gaseous):
    – spectroscopy (ICP-MS and -AES, Raman, IR), chromatography (µGC, GC-MS, Ionic, HPLC)
    – electron microscopy (imaging, EDS, EBSD, FIB)
    – X-ray diffraction (laboratory, synchrotron)

    Geochemical modelling:
    – PhreeqC, JCHESS, EQ3/6, Arxim

  • Research Topics

    My research aims to better understand the thermo-hydro-geochemical mechanisms of fluid-solid interactions.
    They are applied to different fields of Earth Sciences such as mineral sequestration of CO2, hydrogen production and the remediation of polluted sites and soils.

  • Teaching Areas

    Geology, geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, cartography

    Teaching in:
    – Licence and Master’s degree in “Earth Sciences and Environment” at the Universities of Montpellier and Lyon
    – Specialized Master’s degree in “Polluted Sites and Soils” at Mines Saint-Etienne

  • Education

    2010 – 2014: University of Montpellier
    PhD in Geosciences
    Experimental characterization of the carbonation and hydration processes of basic and ultrabasic rocks

    2008 – 2010: University of Montpellier
    Master’s degree in Geological Reservoir Exploration

    2005 – 2008: Jean Monnet University, Saint-Étienne
    Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences and Environment

  • Main Publications

    Peuble, S., Andreani, M., Gouze, P., Pollet-Villard, M., Reynard, B., Van de Moortele, B. (2018). Multi-scale characterization of the incipient carbonation of peridotite. Chemical Geology, 476, 150-160.

    Peuble, S., Andreani, M., Godard, M., Gouze, P., Barou, F., Van de Moortele, B., Reynard, B. (2015). Carbonate mineralization in percolated olivine aggregates: Linking effects of crystallographic orientation and fluid flow. American Mineralogist, 100(2-3), 474-482.

    Peuble, S., Godard, M., Luquot, L., Andreani, M., Martinez, I., & Gouze, P. (2015). CO2 geological storage in olivine rich basaltic aquifers: New insights from reactive-percolation experiments. Applied Geochemistry, 52, 174-190.

    Experimental characterization of hydration and carbonation processes of basic and ultra-basic rocks (Doctoral thesis, University of Montpellier).

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