Jean-Michel HERRI

  • Responsibilities and Duties

    SPIN Centre Head

  • Skills

    Fundamentals of Kinetics and Thermodynamics
    Industrial Applications of Gas Hydrates

  • Research Topics

    Since his Ph.D. on hydrate crystallization at IFPEN, he cumulates 26 years of experience on the topic of Gas Hydrates. He is Head and founder of the GasHyDyn Research Team specialized on fundamentals of hydrates and scaling up to industrial applications, in the field of flow assurance, CO2 capture, heat transport, water treatment, methane hydrate bearing terrestrial or Mars sediments. He is author/co-author of over 30 publications in international review, on thermodynamics, kinetics, physics, instrumentation, flowsheeting and economic analysis. He has been staff of a start-up on water treatment during 2 years. He participated to 6 European research program and 1 european academic partner, coordinated a national program on fundamentals of gas hydrates for gas separation. He was directly sponsored by industrial partners (Oil and Gas, Cement industry) for a total amount of 2 millions euros.

  • Teaching Areas

    Refining Plant,
    Costing and Sizing

  • Education

    2003 : Habilitation à Diriger des recherches at Ecole Doctorale de Saint-Etienne
    1996 : Ph.D. at l’École Doctorale de Sciences Pétrolières, Université Paris VI, IFPEN.
    1992 D.E.A. de Sciences Pétrolières (Master Degree in Oil and Gas Engineering, ENS Pétrole et des Moteurs à Rueil-Malmaison (92).
    1991 D.E.A. de Chimie (Master Degree in Chemistry) Université Blaise Pascal de Clermont-Ferrand.
    1991 Engineer degree in Chemistry from École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand

  • Career History

    Since 2017 : Head of the SPIN Research Centre (staff 90)

    2015-2016 : One year Sabbatical at Colorado School of Mines, with Amadeu Sum Team, supported by TOTAL

    2014-2016 : member of the BGH startup to design and support a new system of water treatment by using gas hydrate crystallization

    2007-2011 Head of the research department (Staff 30) specialised on Chemical Engineering for Industry and Geo Engineering

    2006-2011 : Head of the Teatching departement on Chemical Engineering

    2000 : Founder of the GasHyDyn Team devoted to Gas Hydrates Industrial Applications

  • Main Publications

    Philippe Glenat, Pierre Suchet-Duchaux, TOTAL, Pau, Paris
    Ryo Ohmura, Université de Keio, Yokohama, Japon
    Sanehiro Muromachi, AIST, Tsukuba, Japon
    U. Liebbenthal, A. Kater, Hamburg University of Technolgy, Germany
    Nicolas Von Solms, Technical University of Denmark
    Anne Sinquin (flow assurance), Paul Broutin (CO2 capture), IFPEN, Reuil-Malmaison, Solaize
    Said Samer, Mohamed Bellon, LCMVAR, University Hadj Lakhdar, , Batna, Algerie
    Mohammed Khodja, SONATRACH/Upstream Activity, Boumerdes, Algérie
    André Burnol, BRGM, Orléans
    Livio Ruffine, IFREMER, Brest
    Varun Govindaraj, Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, Inde
    Eric Chassefière, IDES, UMR 8148, Université Paris-Sud
    Olivier Mousis, UTINAM, UMR 6213, Université de Franche-Comté
    Amadeu Sum, Colorado School of Mines
    Rigoberto Morales, UTFPR – Brazil

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    Costing and Sizing (4)
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    Sensors (4)
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  • Distinctions

    2014, Award of Innovation 2030 for the startup BGH, Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir, Bpifrance, startup BGH, Water treatment by using hydrates
    2015, International Water Summit, Abu Dhabi, Award of the best startup, BGH