Fernando PEREIRA

  • Responsibilities and Duties

    R&D Engineer in hydrometallurgical processes.

    Coordinator of the “Agence Nationale de la Recherche” (ANR) “HYdrometallurgy and Phytomanagement Approaches for Steel Slag management” (HYPASS) project.

  • Skills

    Technical skills: process engineering, mineral chemistry, mining and extractive industry.

    Processing: mineral processing and hydrometallurgy.

    Project management.

  • Research Topics

    Process & chemical engineering, hydrometallurgy, mineral processing, modelling, rehabilitation of brownfield sites, redevelopment of mining and metallurgical wastelands, soil remediation, waste recycling, circular economy.

  • Teaching Areas

    Management of polluted sites and mineral waste processing/recycling.

  • Biography

    R&D Engineer Fernando PEREIRA, mainly industrial experienced, is a senior researcher at Mines Saint-Étienne since June 2014.

    Holding a PhD degree in Process Engineering, he is specialised in the conception/design, the definition and the realization of projects of creation and/or improvement of chemical, mineral and/or hydrometallurgical processes from the initial idea to the modalities of elaboration of industrial implementation. Dr. Fernando PEREIRA is experienced in leading successful industrial process improvement projects [i.e., at gypsum plants in France and Brazil for Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, a Cristal Global Company ] and in the design of processes in a sustainable development perspective at laboratory/industrial scale (development of new, economically feasible production processes with a view to sales and marketing). Dr. Fernando PEREIRA is also able to define R&D programs [“Agence Nationale de la Recherche” (ANR), “Fonds Européen de Développement Économique Régional” (FEDER) and/or INTERREG funds, etc.] and owns solid management skills for multicultural project teams. His principal key achievements: cut processing costs after carrying out a full-scale at a TiO2 plant in Brazil, increased white gypsum production with a marked improvement in quality, developed an innovative process for producing phosphoric acid with rare earth elements recovery, developed a process at a semi-industrial scale for the decontamination of dredging sludge.

    Dr. Fernando PEREIRA has been involved as main researcher in several research projects, funded by FP and national sources. During his activity at “Centre technologique international de la Terre et de la Pierre” (CTP) as Project Manager, he has been the leader for the aforementioned entity of the following R&D projects: SOLINDUS , VALSOLINDUS [FEDER 2007-2013 funds] and GeDSeT [INTERREG IV program]. Now, he is the coordinator of the ANR HYPASS project at our institute.

    In general, Dr. PEREIRA’s R&D efforts are to provide tools to meet any shortcoming or to solve challenges linked to the processing and recycling of contaminated mineral matrices (soils, sludge, sediments, excavated soil, by-products and waste). This mostly amounts to developing sustainable, integrated and economically rational solutions that address the full range issues posed by these materials since their on-site management until their evacuation, treatment and re-use. All the while taking into account the environmental and sanitary impacts that their implementation, treatment and re-use cause.

  • Education

    MSc. in Industrial Chemistry at “Institut National des Sciences Appliquées” (INSA) de Lyon (2000).

    PhD in Process Engineering at Mines Saint-Étienne (2003).

  • Career History

    Since 2014 – Mines Saint-Étienne [“Sciences des Processus Industriels et Naturels” (SPIN) Centre, “Procédés pour l’Environnement et les Géo-ressources” (PEG) Department] – Research Engineer in hydrometallurgical processes (Saint-Étienne) [France].

    2011-2014 – Terre de Maix/Prospectiv’ – Operations Manager (Gérardmer) [France].

    2008-2011 – “Centre technologique international de la Terre et de la Pierre” (CTP) – R&D Project Manager (Tournai) [Belgium].

    2005-2008 – Millennium Inorganic Chemicals (a Cristal Company) – Sulfate Process R&D Engineer (Le Havre) [France].

  • Main Publications

    NEIFAR I., PEREIRA F., ZMEMLA R., BOUAZIZ M., ELLEUCH B., GARCIA D. – Spatial distribution and pollution assessment of heavy metals in the surface marine sediments of the southern coast of Sfax (Tunisia) – Marine Pollution Bulletin (2018).

    PEREIRA F., CAMEIRÃO A., GARCIA D. – Valorisation de la matrice minérale issue du traitement hydrométallurgique alcalin de laitiers inox et aciers spéciaux – Le Génie des Procédés au service de l’homme – 16ème Congrès de la “Société Française de Génie des Procédés” (SFGP), Nancy, 11-13 Juillet 2017.

    PEREIRA F., FAURE O., PARAN F., CAMEIRÃO A., LAVASTRE V., SCATTOLIN M. – Alkaline hydrometallurgical approach for steel slag management Sustainable use and management of soil, sediment and water resources AquaConSoil, 14th International Conference, Lyon, June 2017, 26-30th.

    PEREIRA F., BILAL E. – Phosphoric acid extraction and rare earth recovery from apatites of the Brazilian phosphatic ores – Romanian Journal of Earth Sciences, 85 (2), pp.49-52 (2012).

    KOLLER M.M., PEREIRA F., LUCION C. – Quelques techniques minéralurgiques applicables au traitement des sédiments – Mines et Carrières n°181 (hors-série), pp. 38-44 (2011).

    PEREIRA F., KOLLER E., LUCION C., HIVER J.M., LIBERT Y. – Integrated and sustainable solutions for the treatment and valorisation of dredging sediments: the SOLINDUS project – PIANC MMX (Liverpool) [United-Kingdom] 32nd PIANC Congress; May 2010, 14th.

    PEREIRA F., KOLLER E., LUCION C. – Mineral processing approach for the decontamination of dredging sediments from Walloon canals – 2nd International Symposium on sediments management, Faculté des Sciences Ain Chock (Casablanca) [Maroc]; May 2010, 11th.

    PEREIRA F., BILAL E., BOURGIER V., LAPIDO-LOUREIRO F.E., GRASSI D.A. – Ensaios de lixiviação clorídrica e sulfúrica de concentrado fosfático: estudo de caso – Fertilizantes: Agroindústria e Sustentabilidade [livro CeTeM (Rio de Janeiro) [Brasil], ISBN: 978 85 61121 47 1], Capítulo 24, pp. 615 – 628 (2009).

    PEREIRA F., BILAL E., BOURGIER V., LAPIDO-LOUREIRO F.E., GRASSI D.A. – Lixiviação clorídrica de rochas fosfáticas com recuperação de terras raras: estudo de caso (Angico dos Dias) [Brasil] – Fertilizantes: Agroindústria e Sustentabilidade [livro CeTeM (Rio de Janeiro) [Brasil], ISBN: 978 85 61121 47 1], Capítulo 23, pp. 585 – 614 (2009).

  • Distinctions

    Scientific direction of the 2018 Workshop “Réhabilitation et Valorisation des Sites et Sols pollués” (RV2S).

    President of the 2020 International Colloquium “Eau, Déchets et Développement Durable” (E3D).