• Responsibilities and Duties

    Full Professor on Industrial Cystallization
    Head of the Process Envionment and Georessorces department

  • Skills

    French, Portuguese, English

  • Research Topics

    1. Flow assurance
    2. Industrial crystallization
    3. Coupling crystallization and flow pattern
    4. Gas hydrates
    5. Kinetics of crystallization and agglomeration
    6. Population Balance Modelling
    7. Disengagement flow on runaway reactions

  • Teaching Areas

    Turbulent flow, CFD,
    Chemical engineering
    Flowsheet and processes Simulation,
    Research methodology

  • Biography

    Ana Cameirão is a professor on chemical engineering at Mines Saint-Etienne. She teaches flowsheeting and dimensioning of plants together with turbulent flow and CFD. She is the head of the Process Envionment and Georessorces department and researcher on industrial crystallization. Her main achievements are in the field of flow assurance in understanding the crystallization and agglomeration kinetics of methane hydrates and transport of the hydrates suspension. She is the coordinator of an international research program in Flow assurance with Colorado School of Mines (EUA) and Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana (Brazil). She was during 8 years the coordinator of the chemical engineering program at Mines Saint-Etienne. She is now the coordinator of a program for students from enterprises in energetics at ISTP. Her mother language is Portuguese and since 2010 she is the Brazilian referee for Mines Saint-Etienne responsible fo the signature of several agreements and double diploma between Mines Saint-Etienne and Brazilian universities. Currently she coordonates a BRAFITEC for the IMT (Institut Mines Telecom) from in the total 6 Brafitec coordinated since 2010. She is also very interested in creativity and innovative pedagogy, she participates to the Dynamo Days since the beginning of this program and next year will propose a Toolbox on chemical engineering with an escape game. She is very concerned with the quality of life at work and gender equality, and is a member of the equality commission of the school and quality at work commission at SPIN center.

  • Education

    Visiting Researcher at the Hydrates Energy Innovation Laboratory, Colorado School of Mines,1 month (2016)
    Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches , Université Jean Monnet (2016)
    PhD in Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, France (2007)
    Master degree on Chemical Engineering, Instituto Superior Tecnico de Lisboa, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal (2003)

  • Main Publications

    A. Cameirao, E. Serris, A. Melchuna, J.M. Herri, P. Glenat, Monitoring gas hydrate formation and transport in a flow loop with acoustic emission, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering
    Volume 55, July 2018, Pages 331-336
    Aline MELCHUNA, Ana CAMEIRAO, Jean-Michel HERRI, Philippe GLENAT, Topological modelling of methane hydrate crystallization from low to high water cut emulsion systems, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 413, 2016, 158-169
    Aurélie Galfré, Matthias Kwaterski, Pedro Brântuas, Ana Cameirao, Jean-Michel Herri, Clathrate Hydrate Equilibrium Data for the Gas Mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen in the Presence of an Emulsion of Cyclopentane in Water, J. Chem. Eng. Data, 59 (3), pp 592–602, 2014

  • Distinctions

    PhD Prize of the Académie des Sciences, Inscriptions et Belles lettres de Toulouse, France (2008)