MINES Saint-Étienne

MSc Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR)

  • Accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • Delivered by Mines de Saint-Étienne

Objectives of the Master Program

Modern enterprises are facing the challenge of producing at low costs with high quality and with short lead times while ensuring high reliability of its equipment and reducing environmental impact. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research meet the challenge with innovative scientific technologies for efficient design, operation and maintenance of manufacturing systems.

This one-year Master of Science program deals with applications of advanced techniques of industrial engineering and operations research to decision making, especially scientific methods for modeling, performance evaluation, design, production planning and scheduling, supply chain management and maintenance of both manufacturing, service and logistics systems. Special attention is given to major issues raised in the design and operation of manufacturing and service systems. Thanks to the close relationships that the research labs enjoy with some major industrial partners, students can learn how to apply these cutting-edge techniques and how to face the complexity of various industrial sectors such as semiconductor manufacturing, health care delivery systems, automotive industry and transportation.

Applicants should hold a French « master M1» or a Bachelor of Science/Engineering in industrial engineering, mechanical engineering (including production systems and basis of Operation Research), applied mathematics, Computer science applied to manufacturing and industrial systems. Knowledge of French language is not mandatory since a large number of courses are in English. The admission decision, made by an admission committee, will be communicated to each applicant. The courses start by the end of September.

Majors (3 x 25h courses among 5 courses)

  • Operations management of production systems and supply chains
  • Optimization and decision support
  • Reliability and stochastic systems (in French)
  • Enterprise modeling and engineering
  • Product and system design (in French)

Minors (3 x 25h among 9 courses)

  • Design and performance evaluation of manufacturing systems
  • Planning and scheduling of production and logistics systems
  • Customer-centered strategies for Supply-Chain Management
  • System diagnostic and safe control (in French)
  • Equipment maintenance (in French)
  • Industrial engineering in health care (in French)
  • Supply chains and communication technologies (in French)
  • Languages and tools for modeling (in French)
  • Intelligent products (in French)

Literature survey study (40H)

  • In parallel to the courses during the first semester, each student will be assigned a literature survey on a selected topic. The literature survey report will be defended.

Seminars (20H)

  • Introduction to research project management – techniques, tools and state of the art of research in industrial engineering.

Research project

  • The research project of at least 20 weeks is conducted during the second semester either in a research lab or in industry. It will lead to a thesis of Master of Science to be defended either in July or in September.

The Master is mainly taugh in English.

  • Good general skills on Production and manufacturing systems, Operation Management, Supply Chain Management
  • Basis in Operation Research or Optimisation
  • An internship in the field of production or logistic is welcome
  • Minimum level of French B1
  • Minimum level of English B2, validated by a certificate like TOEFL, or by your institution.

This masters program is offered jointly by three French Graduate Engineering Schools «Grandes Écoles» : École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, École Centrale de Lyon (ECL), École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne (ENISE) and the University Jean Monnet of Saint-Étienne (UJM).

It is supported by the main research labs in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research located in the area of Lyon, Saint-Étienne and Clermont-Ferrand:

  • LIMOS (UMR 6158),
  • LASPI (EA 3059),
  • LTDS (UMR 5513),
  • Institut Pascal (UMR 6602),
  • Structure fédérative IFRESIS (FED 4166),
  • EVS (UMR 5600),
  • DISP (EA 4570)

This provides a top-flight environment for studies, guarantees excellent research facilities and provides students with personal guidance.

This one-year Master of Science program trains students for jobs in R&D, in management of enterprises and in consulting. It is also the first step toward a French doctorate in industrial engineering and operations research.


Head of the MSc

Xavier Boucher
École des mines de Saint-Étienne
LIMOS (UMR 6158)
Phone: +33 4 77 42 01 85

Administrative contact


Application Form – Incoming Student
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Applications for our Masters courses are open from 1 February to 31 May.