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MSc Computational Solid Mechanics (MNS)

The MSc “Numerical Mechanics of Solids” (MNS) gives access to the national Master’s degree in the field of “Sciences, technologies, health”, mention “Mechanics”.
This master’s degree is co-accredited by the following institutions

  • Institut Mines Télécom/Mines Saint-Étienne
  • École Centrale Lyon
  • University of Lyon 1

The MSc MNS offers a set of courses (M2) in computational mechanics applied to solids. The objective is to provide future scientists with the fundamental and advanced knowledge necessary to develop in-depth reflections on these subjects.

Finite element simulation of resin infusion in composite manufacturing process. Source : Mines Saint-Étienne / Hexcel.

An example of multiphysics coupling for the simulation of manufacturing processes: finite element simulation of structural composite manufacturing by resin infusion. Left: fibre volume fraction. Right: pressure. Capture of the resin front by a level-set method. Compaction and subsequent swelling of the fibrous preforms: full Lagrangian description, and non-linear constitutive law. Source : Mines Saint-Étienne / Hexcel.

Applicant must have completed at least 4 years of university study (bachelor’s degree or higher)

60 credits (or ECTS) to be validated.

  • UE de tronc commun – 12 ECTS

    • Méthode des éléments finis en mécanique (36h, 6 ECTS)

    • Modélisation en mécanique des matériaux (36h, 6ECTS)

  • UE de parcours – 12 ECTS

    • Big data, réduction de modèle et jumeaux numériques (36h, 6 ECTS)

    • Couplages multi-physiques pour les procédés (36h, 6 ECTS)non ouvert en 2022

    • Méthodes numériques avancées (36h, 6 ECTS)

  • UE d’ouverture – 6 ECTS (enseignements communs sur la première quinzaine de mars)

    • Calculs intensifs (18h, 3 ECTS, N. Moulin + J. Bruchon – EMSE)

    • Méthodes numériques pour la simulation des modèles mécaniques en dynamique (18h, 3 ECTS, F. Thouverez + L. Blanc – ECL Ecully)

  • UE complémentaires – 9 ECTS

    • Anglais pour la communication professionnelle niveau 2 – 3 ECTS

    • Socio-économie de l’entreprise – 3 ECTS

    • Préparation au stage – Bibliographie – 3 ECTS

  • Stage obligatoire – 21 ECTS

    • Travail de stage (4 mois minimum) – 11 ECTS

    • Rapport écrit – 6 ECTS

    • Soutenance orale – 4 ECTS

With this master degree, the student can apply for a PhD in computational mechanics. He can also apply in industry for an R&D job.

  • Academic and/or industrial R&D
  • Duration: 4 – 6 months

The MNS courses are in french.


Head of MSc

Julien Bruchon
École des mines de Saint-Étienne
Phone: +33 4 77 42 00 72

Éric Feulvarch
École Centrale Lyon

Phone: +33 4 77  43 75 81


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