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MSc BioMedical Engineering & Design (BMED)

Skills and knowledge connected to the activities of R&D in the biomedical sector are the main targets of the BME&D Master’s (Master iSanté in French).

The biomedical sector requires an increasing capacity to evolve in a multicultural environment specifically at the interface between engineering and health, where exchanges and communication with the practitioners are essential. Besides, basic skills in science and engineering are compulsory for the engineer in the biomedical sector. These competencies are adapted and specialized to this sector during the programme.

Graduates will work both upstream and downstream from the sector and at the interfaces between manufacturers and end-users. The sector concerns the international R&D in the branch of health industry.

80 to 90% of courses are taught in English.

To be graduated of a M1 in sciences or an equivalent Bachelor degree.

This programme will give preference to engineering students without a biomedical background and who want to get a position at the interface of engineering and health, or continue with a PhD in the domain.

  • Bioengineering
    • Introduction to biology
    • Medical diagnosis tools
  • Medical image analysis and processing
  • Nano-medicine, nano-toxicity
  • Healthcare Engineering
  • Innovation in healthcare system
    • Innovation and project management in pharmaceutical industry
    • Regulation in health sector
  • Elective course (choose 1 in the following list)
    • Medical image analysis and processing 2
    • Regenerative medicine (Bone, Cartilage, Cornea, soft Tissues)
    • Mechanobiology
    • Human movement Mechanical models
    • Ergometry & Biomechanics
    • Autonomous nervous system
    • Exercises, aging, metabolic disorder
    • Child exercise physiology
  • Semester-long research project

The graduated will work both in the upstream and the downstream of the sector and at the interfaces between the manufacturers and the end users. The sector concerns the international R&D in the branch of health industry.

In a research lab or research department of a company.


Head of the M. Sc

Miquel Aguirre
École des mines de Saint-Étienne
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