MINES Saint-Étienne


Since its inception the École was entrusted with the mission of training high-level executives, thus building human capacity to foster the rapid expansion of the heavy industry (mining, energy, transportation, metallurgy).

A well-balanced blend of scientific core subjects and engineering techniques taught by professors closely related to the economic world and complemented by internships in industrial positions contributed to forging the graduate identity of École des Mines.

Targeting all sectors of the economy

The graduates from École des mines de Saint-Étienne crafted and promoted the favourable conditions for technical progress in the whole industry, beyond their original field, in France and abroad. They have been instrumental in the development of innovative production and management methods, and in the introduction of new technologies, across the successive steps of the industrial advances. They progressively penetrated all the sectors of the industrial firms and more recently of the services: materials science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, IT, industrial engineering, microelectronics, health engineering, quantitative finance…

Active on the territories

Thanks to the broad range of its areas of expertise and skills, to the extent and level of its alumni network, to the trust, the proximity and the diversity of its economical partners, the École des Mines claims to play an increasingly active role in the economic and social development of the territories at different levels:

  • encourage reciprocal links between research and industry in order to activate the innovation levers;
  • energize territorial development capacities by apprenticeship and lifelong learning; particularly promoting the industrial redevelopmentof areas concerned by the relocation of manufacturing and services;
  • take the national lead in “On the job training” operations. This training pedagogy addresses both to young students in vocational training and to technical staff in activity in the framework of lifelong training. The learners are hired by companies and share their time between academic period at school and real professional project manager’s situation at work. The École des Mines de Saint-Étienne has developed a tight partnership with the Institut des Techniques de la Performance which has acquired a nationally recognized legitimacy in “On the job training” for more than 20 years;
  • provide start-ups with logistic and scientific support around MINES Saint-Étienne campuses;
  • facilitate the access of companies, particularly SMEs to the MINES Saint-Étienne technological platforms;
  • participate in the creation and development of an industrial campus next to the MINES Saint-Étienne historical premises.

Partnership between École des Mines and businesses is based on win-win relations:

  • Our students directly benefit from the close relationship between the École des Mines and the businesses in their search for internships and job opportunities; moreover our programmes take advantage of the up-to-date expertise of the engineers and other professionals who take part in our courses. Symmetrically companies can find in our school high level students well-prepared to the professional life with solid scientific and managerial level;
  • Our research is motivated by the companies demand and a large part of our budget comes from industrial funding. Thanks to close partnership with our research teams, companies can access to intellectual and technical support as well as a flexibility that their organisation could not provide.

Technological hotel for innovative startups

On the Campus Georges Charpak Provence site in Gardanne, a “partnership space for R&D” (EPRD in French) operates as a technological hotel for innovative startups with links in research or education to the research center CMP. This center delivers to the startup a scientific and technical support with personnal and material resources. In return, it maintains strong interactions with the economical and industrial regional background, to the benefit of business creation and employment of its graduate students. The EPRD interacts with different regional structures involved in entrepreneurship and economic development.

It currently hosts 10 start-ups, almost reaching its hosting capacity (12 offices).

Based on this model , the school has developed an equivalent EPRD on the site of Saint -Étienne.


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